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0WorkationThe founders of the Institute of Brilliant Failures combine work and pleasure during a workation 0Friday afternoon discussionInnovative ideas at the kitchen table 0Open communicerenBlijf eerlijk en open en zeg wat je denkt 0Giving "old" hardware a new purpose.After connecting a customer with foundation Orhei. The used interactive flatpanels were shipped to Moldova where they could be used to improve classrooms! 0Discussing ideas Discussing the future of leak testing with a customer, in the field of batteries for electric vehicles. 0Lunch at the beachNice lunch with director of risk managenent of the Dutch Association of Municipalities at the beach 1Cultureel festijnMansluujzitting 0Co-creation bookMet a good friend during a birthday party and discovered that we can go-author about failing and female entrepreneurshp 0Nothing HillWonderful conference in a very stimulating environment: former hospital developed by Pål in Kirkenes into a future centre for the region 0Interest meets opportunityWhen I learned that a former colleague lost his job, I decided to Let him know I sympathized with him 0Parttime ondernemerParttime een nieuwe business opzetten met 2 partners in een nieuwe sector Safety 2Videocall with my friend KristianI had a very pleasant catch up with my Norwegian friend Kristian to discuss business opportunities in Norway in 2021 34,5 kg Toblerone for 60th birthdayPresent from colleague who knows my whole family likes chocolate. 1Daily walk in Nature and Recreation area 't Twiske, near AmsterdamEvery day, the two of us make a walk to escape home in Corona time and enjoy nature 140 years of friendship in sunshineIn August 2020, we travelled to Jotunheimen, Norway. At a mountain peak we realised that we have been there exactly 40 years ago! 0"Ask someone you admire, 'what makes you optimistic?' The answer will lift them and you!""Ask someone you admire, 'what makes you optimistic?' The answer will lift them and you!" 1Collaboration for finding medicines against CoronaWorldwide we see rapid progress in finding medicines to prevent, cure or reduce the impact of Corona. The urgency forces collaboration, the key to success! 1Dear to HelpThis is one of the spontaneous initiatives of good-willing citizens who want to help those who are in need because of the impact of the Corona crisis. 1We Applaud: Support for Health Workers in Corona CrisisIn many countries people followed the French initiative to pay tribute to the Health Workers in the Corona crisis, by applauding them from the balconies 1Happy winners Brilliant Failure AwardGarage 2020 won the Brilliant Failure Award Health 2020 for their (failed) attempt to make the Youthcare organisation redundant. 0Growing on solid groundThese mushrooms showed me that growing and becoming beautiful is possible everywhere. As long as you create your own solid ground. 4Sign of acceptanceThis sign welcomes people of diverse backgrounds. And whenever some turd threw it on the ground, the owner promptly picked it back up. 2Celebrating 54 with my familyGreat time together 2Malaria treatmentMalaria is kills more peope than any other disease in Africa. Sadly it struck me. 0Sore armA bad day at the clinc today 0#HRevent2017geweldige voordracht! 1Rene Warmerdam 20 yr @ Speakers AcademyRene Warmerdam is celebrating his 20th anniversary at the Speakers Academy. He is always looking for the best match with a human touch. 0Really relaxing, Headband MeditationGreat way to get quantified calm 2Enjoying our work!A gift ! 3Great Customer Support @ PhilipsOur DECT Telephone set had some problems with batteries. Philips offered complete replacement after almost 2 years 3Katapult Future FestIn an amazing setting, Katapult Norway brought together people to discuss the Future Society 8welcome angels at a conferenceethey make participants feel different from the moment they enter the door 1Das ist FussballAfter Champion's League match BV Dortmund - AS Monaco was cancelled because of a bomb attack, supporters from Dortmund invited fans from Monaco to their home 5vegetable gardenTo have a rest cultivating the vegetable garden 1Ronde tafel belastingdienstBijeenkomst rond toekomst 5Spontaneous meeting with Prime MinisterAfter a conference about Smart Cities, I ran into our Prime Minister, Mark Rutte. He acted very positively and shared a video message for my daughter. 2Happy after Ski CrashAfter a ski crash, my friend Arko van Brakel suffered severe injuries at his knee and arm. But this doesn't stop him to look for the bright side! 3the pianoman/womanop vele ns stations staat een piano, voor iedereen te bespelen. en dat gebeurt ook, vaak met vele toeschouwers. 2Celebrating with friends and famillyGreat moments to start the year with friends you love. 0Robbery AH Student CampusThe AH supermarket on the student campus was robbed. Staff and Campus Security took inmediate action. Students thank them with flowers 7Tijn's challengeTijn is a 6-year old with a special form of brain cancer. He came to the Serious Request House for more awareness for his disease &raise money for Red Cross 4kerstfeest met collega's na n stressvolgezellig samenzijn na n jaar vol stress & werkdruk 4Omring Lab eindejaarsbijeenkomstInspirerende positiviteit!! 2Popinnpark IISO-certifiedNovember 28, 2016, the Amsterdam-based Popinnpark was certified as O-zone 1Beautiful decayTo receive a bouquet of flowers is lovely, but to see them develop to even more beauty makes me happy 2Happy StudentThis is Xinyi, who just heard that her Master thesis was accepted and that she is ready to graduate 2Nice weather with a beer in AmsterdamIt's in the small things 4Enjoy Austria with all senses...At the famous Gosausee enjoying a local specialty in the rain... All 5 senses fully awake! 3Quick hot-choc breakShort 5min break 4Silly jokeLooking at a silly joke I put up in my new office to make me feel home 1WinningWatching the game together with friends and win 4eureka Edison moment!believe is stronger than influence 3lazy breakfast on weekends^_^ 1Snapshot along the wayFlowers in the corners of your attention 2Good food> 1Office GardenLow maintenance, High rewards 1Spicy chicken noodlesDelicious food made by my friend. 1Please take me to Heidelberg!🙃🙃 1WowWowwww 1wiiiiiiinepartyyyyyy 2Painting on the wall for grandchildrenThe name of the painting is bob de bouwer 1Premium Certificate Earned!Finally the certificate after excellent teamwork 1BrunchDelicious food 2An interesting picture i want to sharegood luck for my thesis 2Ellen's showFunny 3SerenityThe scenery reminds me of my childhood. 1Met interesting people in libraryMet nice guy in library who is going to exchange in China and he said that he was so excited to study there. 3SunsetBeautiful sunset at the island Mølen (nature reserve) in Norway 1Last class if my studyyHappy 3Beautiful sunsetbreath-taking view, feel grateful for what we have 4Good Friday!!Finished my paper before the ddl, picked up my boyfriend from the station, had loads of amazing Chinese food, took a looooooong nap 2Cute crochet kitA nice little project my mom is starting 3Travel pictureTravel picture 4Icecream with little flowerWhen the staff gave a extra flower when I bought icecream 5See foodWhen I eat tasty food,I feel satisfied! 3BBQ in the rainalways fun with friends 2Homemae Sweet SoupRed bean, coix seed, white fungus in milk 1Happy timewith friends 3Summer Deejays Post Photo in photo : ) 3Sunny Park BreakNice afternoon break with dear Tunde 2deliciousKind of healthy 1Sunny DayHope this nice whether could last 4Creating new solutions for blind studentSense matis a combination of een app and a 3Dprint which makes grafic pictures touchable on the Ipad Developed by TU Delft Koninklijke Visio 3cute boy!Cute boy! 3chinese pastry😋Lekker 5MeowMeet a cat on the way back home 1DAG Lezig over enthousiame! Prachtig! 3Free of chargeIn a supermarket they have a special shelf with bananas, free of charge for kids 4Network meeting Smart Services Campus Energetic meeting with members network smart services campus Heerlen 4Son (8) looks for info about his fatherHis father died 7 years ago while serving in Afganistan. Stan (8) never knew him, so he asked his colleagues for information. 4Emotional momentA mother listens to the heart of het late sons in the organ recipient. An emotional and positive experience 2Met an inspiring friendMet Paul Iske out of the blue! At OSL airport 5Blij PaaseiLeuk Paasontbijt 4http://imailing.imagro.nl/maart-2016happy easter 4Brilliant Failure Award Health 2016Secretary General Erik Gerritsen hands out Brilliant Failure Award 1Discussion about creativityNice conversation in the sun about creativity skills 3Our company chosen as most attractiveImagro. I'm agro. Im Agro 115 jaar Roger Vleeshouwers bij Imagro.750 weken in en out of control 3beautiful payback I dropped off some knittingwool to a dear friend because I was not going to use it. She knitted this beautiful scarf and gave it to me 4LivsGivereIldsjeler deler ut gratis mat og klær til de som har et stort behov. De jobber natt og dag for at de skal klare å komme rundt til mange:) 3POWER pointAt "Kunnskapssenteret i Sandvika" they have put up a question on the coffee machine. The question is; What's your powerpoint? 4"I WISH YOU KNEW" WALLLarvik handball made 400 girls attending on camp write down what they wish Larvik knew, so it could be fixed! 2Outside the box communicationMargrethe Renaa, ICT manager at the Department of Medical Imaging at Drammen Hospital uses different headbands to communicate with the surroundings, AND as a tool to achieve desired mood. 5IVAR HAUGSTAD GJØR MEG BEDRESosialantrolpolog Ivar Haugstad har i 2 år vært fastantropolog i Fearless. Vil takke deg for at du gjør meg bedre! 4Mindfitness - Fearless Streetwear Fearless Streetwear has produced a sweatband with a pocket for writing reminders and focus / keywords. A simple but powerful tool to exercise your most important muscle, the brain. Check out www.fearl 3Oppmuntringstilsynet avd GrenlandWe are happy to announce that Grenland in Norway now has a local department of Optimism Supervisors (Oppmuntringstilsyn) 3The best place to bee 🐝 At Hallingskarvet school in Norway they use humor as a tool, to visualize and remind themselves of what's important 6Crowdfunding of Parking TicketAfter a meeting I received a parking ticket. When I told my story at a next meeting, the group offered to pay the ticket collectively. One man paid half of it! 3HandbikersThree men who all suffered from a back injury that paralyzed them and took them in a wheelchair didn't give up! 4Coloured lifeA cross-over is not merely a safety path for pedestrians, it also can bring colour into life and stimulate our senses. 2Optimistic Dinner in EindhovenEnjoying a very positive and optimistic dinner with my good friend Paul Iske 5Start the day with a walk!We decided to take a walk in stead of taking the shuttle to get to our conference location. 5Santa Fe InstituteThe Santa Fe Institute for Complexity, New Mexico, has both an organisational as well as a physical design aiming to stimulate creativity 4What's the cost of control?Sometimes it's better to let go if you calculate cost of control. Give new bike instead of police controlling bikes 3OppmuntringsTilsynVest Agder Røde Kors 7Cancelled weddingA groom in Sacramento called of the wedding a few days before the ceremony. The parents of the bride-to-be decided to donate the US$35.000 party and food to the homeless in the city. 3SkywritingMeeting with Creativity Guru Cyriel 2ConceptischGreat office space with view on river Maas with great friend and Chief Imagination Officer Paul Rinkens 4VIP Bus (very inspiring people)Inspiring session about the past, now and the future. 3Humour at the tableDinner with Korean business friends. Lot of joking and laughs. 4WoodbrothersTwo brothers wood-working together in there awesome makespace and having a badass time making cool productschappen which rocks (y)our world! 2Living room as office spaceMeeting in a living room with nice view on green and water 3"Brilliant Failures" on toilet doorTeachers sharing their worst ideas on the toilet door in a school in Norway. 6Happy stess at TransaviaWonderful and shining stewardess of Dutch airline Transavia 1Optimistic dinnerDuring a nice dinner with my friend Lucas we developed great new plans 2Hiking in Italy Hiking with my girlfriend in the Dolomites during our holiday 3Fishing in NorwayTogether with my 10-year old son, fishing in a beautiful Norwegian fjord 1Waardecreatie ipv geld verdienen, kwestie van omdenken!? Mooie inspiratie van Paul voor collega bankiers @Dialogues House #Medezeggenschapsraad #ABNAMRO dat waardecreatie steeds vaker niet (alleen) met geld verdienen 6TomNice meeting again with my Optinistic friend Tom 1Paul's dialoguesthank you Paul for your dialogues! 6Besseggen, NorwayBeautiful scenery in the Norwegian Mountains Jotunheimen. Famous Besseggen walk. 3Green WallIn the Innovation Centre of ABN AMRO, a couple of walls are covered by real moss. 4Indestructable picknick setIn Ottersum (NL), local youth was asked to design and create a picknick set that could withstand vandalism. 3Innovation Café @ AholdIn the Head Office of Ahold (the retailer company), you will find an ‘Innovation Café’, which has an open and insprirational setting. Here people work in creative sessions on innovation. 3Visit to Dialogues HouseTwo friends posing in front of the pressure cooker of the Dialogues House (Amsterdam), a place that aims to stimulate valuable encounters. 1Nelson Mandela Square (Johannesburg)A statue of Nelson Mandela at the square in Johannesburg with the same name. Many happy people who are enjoying the place. 3Positive Road SignAt the top of the Floy-banen (Bergen, Norway) a couple of sign has been put on with positive messages, such as this one (‘Don’t stay inside, all hope is outside). 1Meeting with Jeroen van der BoomDuring a radio recording, my children had a private meeting with singer Jeroen van der Boom, who was very friendly and took the time to talk with them and posed for a picture 5O4NT: Education for a New EraCreative class in a ‘Steve Jobs’ school, offering a learning environment with the most modern educational methods. Children, parents and teachers enjoy this new concept. 4A typical Dutch settingI made a boat trip with my dear business contact Kiran. He is from India and I wanted to expose him to the beauty of the Dutch polder. 4The Sun is shining for everyoneThe team of the Insitute for Serious Optimism has a board meeting in the sun at the Gardermoen hotel Bed & Breakfast: nearby the airport, but in a natural environment. 2Brilliant Failures at BoskalisThe Dredging and Maritine Expert Company Boskalis has developed a Brilliant Failures programme to stimulate experimentation and learning from failures 2Imagro: A social EnterpriseAs part of the business model, the Ottersum (NL)-based) communication & strategy company Imagro, initiated and supports a working place for people with a distance to the labour market